Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wild Wednesday Jobs Post

Stick around. You've reached a vantage point. 

As a former field biologist who has worked her way around the country, I know where to "go for the goods" when it comes to employment opportunities, and I'd love to help you land a job you love. I'll round up new announcements each week, and I'll post 5 findings here every Wednesday. 

Whether you're a newbie technician or a seasoned professional, you're likely to find a lead worth following.

Photo by Chelsi Hornbaker / USFWS


Location: Kauai, Hawaii
Basic Requirements: College degree at an accredited university in biology/wildlife. Master's degree preferred. Hands-on experience/training with seabird handling and rehabilitation, with application of Endangered Species Act if possible. Previous experience managing a wildlife program. A banding resume including at least 100 seabirds or waterbirds. Experience in report writing particularly for federal and state agencies. Experience working with native Hawaii avifauna preferred.
Duration: Permanent
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Employer: Missouri Dept. of Conservation via the University of Missouri
Location: Current River and Peck Ranch Conservation Areas, Missouri
Basic Requirements: B.S. in ecology, conservation biology, environmental science, natural resource management, fish and wildlife biology, or a related field. Preference will be given to applicants who have completed college coursework in vertebrate biology, herpetology, and mammalogy, and have field experience in amphibian, reptile and small mammal trapping.
Duration: 6-12 Months
Application Deadline: September 1, 2012           

Employer: HDR Engineering, Inc.
Location: Sacramento, CA
Basic Requirements: Bachelors degree (BS) in Biology or related field. Graduate Degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) preferred. 4+ years minimum experience with biological/environmental projects. Understanding of salmonid biology/ecology and west coast fishery management issues. Knowledge of data collection, interpretation, reduction, analysis, and presentation; working knowledge of CEQA, NEPA, and ESA desirable.
Duration: Permanent
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Employer: University of Washington
Location: NE Cascade Mtns of Washington State
Basic Requirements: Basic outdoor wilderness experience (e.g. field work, strenuous hiking, and/or backpacking). Navigating with a GPS, compass and map in rough terrain. Adaptability to rigorous/unexpected field conditions; willingness to use chainsaws and operate snowmobiles. Willingness to live in close quarters with others. A positive attitude and a strong work ethic.
Duration: SUMMER 2012 (June 27-Sept. 17), FALL 2012 (Sept. 15-Dec. 21), WINTER 2013 (Jan. 3-March 16) **Ideal applicants will be available for 2+ seasons**
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled

Employer: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Location: Lakewood, CO
Basic Requirements: Professional and scientific work in providing guidance to managers at multiple levels in the proper use and interpretation of results from biological research, analysis and investigation.  This includes the collection and interpretation of biological and habitat data and the development of methods and techniques to analyze information using spatial analysis techniques and GIS computer processes.
Duration: Permanent
Application Deadline: June 25, 2012

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