Thursday, July 12, 2012

Only 5 Days Left

I first learned of the Midway Film Project when my far-off Hawaiian writer friend Judy Edwards sent me a link to the trailer

Laysan Albatross at Sunset by Brenda Zaun / USFWS

So … did you follow my "trailer" link? Did you watch it?

If so, your heart is at least a little bit broken right now. Your stomach is probably in a knot. You may, like me, be clutching your hands together, unsure of how to lend them.

Wonder no longer. Here's what you can do within the next 5 days:

You can pledge as little as one dollar.

Pledge more, and you'll get various thank-you goodies for your kindness (for $10,000, you get "special credit in the film and two VIP tickets to have dinner with the filmmakers of Midway at the world premiere"). Nice.

But, for just five dollars, you get "cosmic well-wishes from the center of the Pacific Ocean," and that's awesome. 

I pledged today, so I can confirm that it's easy (and it feels darn good). After signing into the Kickstarter site, I was directed to, where I already have an account, making it a snap to pay. There's a Paypal option, too, and Paypal is very simple to use. 

No excuses. 

The Midway project needs about $18,244 more in order to reach their funding goal by the deadline. It will only be funded if at least $100,000 is pledged by Wednesday the 18th

If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, each backer's credit card will be charged the amount pledged, and the film will go into full-fledged production.

Nesting Laysan Albatross by David Patte / USFWS

If the project falls short, no one gets charged. No film. No voice for the birds. 

Albatross chick died from eating plastic beach debris. Photo by David Wright / USFWS

Let's help Midway, the albatross, and the Pacific Ocean by making this happen. 

Photo by Michael Lusk / USFWS

If you'd like to learn more about Midway Atoll, check out my habitat profile, "Midway Atoll: Paradise and the Garbage Patch," on


  1. Jen, on behalf on the whole Midway team I want to thank you so much for connecting so deeply with this work and for your invaluable support.


    1. Midway is a world away, Manuel, and yet every single time my family buys a plastic toy or tosses a plastic food package in the trash, we find ourselves face-to-face with the plight of the Pacific Ocean and its incredible wildlife. Thank YOU for the work you do.


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