Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baring the "Bones" of the Endangered Pet Trade

Are you a fan of FOX's hit crime show, Bones?

If so, keep your eyes open this fall for an episode about the sale of endangered species on the black market

"It’s a story about smuggling endangered species into the states as pets,” Producer Stephen Nathan told TVLine

Old school TV: a promotional photo card from Garfield Goose and Friends (with Geronimo, the Capuchin monkey butler).

The episode won't air for a month or more, but it's already causing a stir among exotic pet owners

As I understand it, the show will focus on endangered species, which (in theory) are protected by CITES and related laws. So, it's not really a matter of exotics being bred in captivity (that's another storyline). 

It's hard enough to help endangered animals maintain footing in an increasingly uninhabitable world. I don't think there's any credible defense for wild capture, smuggling, and illegal sales.

Tune in and decide for yourself. 

Season 8 premieres on September 17.

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