Friday, September 21, 2012

Follow that Ferret

On September 4, the National Black-footed Ferret Conservation Center launched Follow the Ferret" on Facebook.

This fun outreach tactic allows the public to follow a few of these undeniably cute endangered critters from birth in captivity to release in the wild. 

Here's a pic of a wee one:

Month-old black-footed ferret born in captivity to be released in the wild (photo courtesty of the USFWS).

I know you just cooed, "Awwww."

Who could resist?

According to the BFF Conservation Center, we'll get to see weekly shots of the ferrets as they grow, learn essential ferret skills from their mom, and finally run free on the Utah prairie.

That's what I call a great use of social media.

Read my latest article on to learn more about how black-footed ferrets nearly went extinct and are now re-staking their claim on North America's wild prairies. Here's the link: Black-footed Ferrets: Reclaiming the Prairie

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