Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whoopee for the Whooping Cranes!

I first heard about the grounded whooping cranes on NPR a couple of months ago, and I forgot to follow up and find out what happened. Needless to say, serendipity rocks. Today, I stumbled upon an update. If you've been keeping up with the story, then you know I'm a little behind the times. But, if this is news to you, join me in rejoicing because Operation Migration was given the green light by the FAA. Fly on, you crazy cranes!

 Pair of whooping cranes at Patokah River National Wildlife Refuge, IN / USFWS

Learn more about whooping crane recovery efforts, and check out this cool Live Crane Cam.

Monday, April 16, 2012

3000 ... And Counting

The last count I read was 600, and now it's up to 3000. Unbelievable. Apparently, fingers are pointing toward oil exploration. According to, "initial tests ... show evidence of acoustical impact from sonic blasts used in exploration for oil." 

 Photo by Zest-pk / Wikimedia Commons