Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Drum roll, please ...

At last, the newest panda cub to be born at the San Diego Zoo ...

Bai Yun, proud and prolific mother of NEW CUB at the San Diego Zoo.
Photo by Matthew Field (GFDL , CC-BY-SA-3.0) / Wikimedia Commons

... has a name!

No longer known as simply "little sausage," the pudgy, prosperous panda is now known as 

"Little Gift,"

or Xiao Liwu, in his native Chinese tongue.
After receiving thousands of suggestions from panda fans, the zoo narrowed the selection down to six choices, which were put to a popular vote. 

Xiao Liwu officially received his name at a zoo ceremony yesterday morning. 

Learn more about the San Diego Zoo's successful panda breeding program HERE.