Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wild Wednesday Jobs Post

Scouting for work involving endangered species, wildlife, and the environment?

Stick around. You've reached a vantage point. 

As a former field biologist who has worked her way around the country, I know where to "go for the goods" when it comes to employment opportunities, and I'd love to help you land a job you love. I'll round up new announcements each week, and I'll post 5 findings here every Wednesday. 

Whether you're a newbie looking for an internship or a seasoned professional seeking a permanent position, you're likely to find a lead worth following. 

Photo by Robert Burton / USFWS
Location:  Island City, OR
Basic Requirements:  
1. High School Diploma or GED and 2 years relevant experience
2. Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing (be able to record data thoroughly and legibly).
3. Able to maintain project equipment in good working order, and report lost and/or damaged equipment to
4. Possess a valid driver's license and be able to drive and meet insurance requirements for government vehicles. Immediate reporting of accidents/damage to GSA or Tribal vehicles.
5. Demonstrate a satisfactory level of productivity and dependability based on previous employer references.
6. Ability to maintain effective working relationships with other employees, the general public, landowners
and resource agency personnel.
Duration:  Permanent
Application Deadline: 8/7/12

Employer: Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Basic Requirements:
A Bachelor's degree with a major in wildlife science, ecology, natural resources, or similar discipline preferred. Preference will be given to applicants with at least 5 years wildlife related professional experience and experience with wildlife-related education and outreach. Experience providing technical assistance to the public is also necessary. Knowledge of and experience with animal damage control techniques and familiarity with Florida’s native wildlife and exotic species a plus.
Duration: Permanent
Application Deadline: 8/3/12  

Job Title: Project Manager
Employer: WEST, Inc.
Location:  Waterbury, VT
Basic Requirements: The successful applicant will be someone capable of completing high quality, objective environmental consulting contracts.  The applicant will be able to build and maintain strong relationships with clients and regulatory personnel.  A Bachelor’s degree or higher within a natural resource related field is required.  A minimum of eight years of professional experience or five years of experience in environmental consulting is desired. A proven track record in the applicant’s field of expertise is a must and preference will be given to applicants with experience in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.  A proven ability to market clients and obtain environmental consulting contracts is strongly desired. The applicant must be willing and able to travel, have strong interpersonal and communication skills, and possess time management and organizational skills.
Duration: Permanent
Application Deadline: 8/31/12

Employer: University of Missouri
Location: Columbia, MO
Basic Requirements: We are seeking a Postdoctoral Associate to conduct a study of movements and resource use in endangered Red-cockaded Woodpeckers.  The postdoc will synthesize information from locations throughout the birds' range, and use those data to identify conditions associated with robust populations. At a finer scale, movement data will be used to study resource selection and ranging behavior. The research will likely appeal most to candidates interested in demography, movement, conservation, and the synthesis of the three.
Duration: 1 + years
Application Deadline:  8/3/12

Job Title: Keeper (Birds)
Employer: Chicago Zoological Society
Location: Brookfield, IL
Basic Requirements: Bachelor's degree in relevant biological field or equivalent combination of training and/or experience required.   A minimum of 2 years of experience working with birds in a captive setting preferred. Successful completion of Assistant Keeper probationary period or equivalent combination of training and/or experience in a zoo or aquarium required.
Incumbent must possess an understanding of practical principles of animal behavior and the ability to work with live animals safely.  Incumbent must demonstrate the ability to increase knowledge of natural history, zoology, and general animal husbandry of the species and individual animals in area(s) of experience.  
Duration:  Permanent
Application Deadline:  8/5/12