Thursday, July 12, 2012

Only 5 Days Left

I first learned of the Midway Film Project when my far-off Hawaiian writer friend Judy Edwards sent me a link to the trailer

Laysan Albatross at Sunset by Brenda Zaun / USFWS

So … did you follow my "trailer" link? Did you watch it?

If so, your heart is at least a little bit broken right now. Your stomach is probably in a knot. You may, like me, be clutching your hands together, unsure of how to lend them.

Wonder no longer. Here's what you can do within the next 5 days:

You can pledge as little as one dollar.

Pledge more, and you'll get various thank-you goodies for your kindness (for $10,000, you get "special credit in the film and two VIP tickets to have dinner with the filmmakers of Midway at the world premiere"). Nice.

But, for just five dollars, you get "cosmic well-wishes from the center of the Pacific Ocean," and that's awesome. 

I pledged today, so I can confirm that it's easy (and it feels darn good). After signing into the Kickstarter site, I was directed to, where I already have an account, making it a snap to pay. There's a Paypal option, too, and Paypal is very simple to use. 

No excuses. 

The Midway project needs about $18,244 more in order to reach their funding goal by the deadline. It will only be funded if at least $100,000 is pledged by Wednesday the 18th

If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, each backer's credit card will be charged the amount pledged, and the film will go into full-fledged production.

Nesting Laysan Albatross by David Patte / USFWS

If the project falls short, no one gets charged. No film. No voice for the birds. 

Albatross chick died from eating plastic beach debris. Photo by David Wright / USFWS

Let's help Midway, the albatross, and the Pacific Ocean by making this happen. 

Photo by Michael Lusk / USFWS

If you'd like to learn more about Midway Atoll, check out my habitat profile, "Midway Atoll: Paradise and the Garbage Patch," on

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wild Wednesday Jobs Post

Stick around. You've reached a vantage point. 

As a former field biologist who has worked her way around the country, I know where to "go for the goods" when it comes to employment opportunities, and I'd love to help you land a job you love. I'll round up new announcements each week, and I'll post 5 findings here every Wednesday. 

Whether you're a newbie technician or a seasoned professional, you're likely to find a lead worth following. 

Photo by Katy Kash / Wikimedia
Employer: Reston Zoo
Location: Vienna, Virginia
Basic Requirements: Reston Zoo is looking for a new licensed veterinary technician/keeper to join our staff.  We are a family friendly zoological park located on 30 acres in the middle of Fairfax County, Virginia. The collection includes small mammals, birds, primates, reptiles, domestic and exotic hoof stock. Licensure within the state of Virginia within 90 days of hire. Must be proficient in administration or oral and injectable medications. Proficient in fecal examinations of various species. Must be able to perform daily animal care and husbandry. Must be able to lift at least 50lbs. Will be required to work weekends and some holidays
Duration: Permanent
Application Deadline: 8/29/12

Employer: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Location: Ogden, UT
Basic Requirements: BS Degree, or higher, in a related field of study OR BS and 5 years of directly related full time paid employment in the wildlife field. Additional preference will be given to those with an M.S. degree in wildlife science or a diirectly related field. use scientific methods to solve problems wildlife ecology and habitat requirements; taxonomy, physiology, ecology and habitat requirements of Utah wildlife principles, theories, and practices of wildlife sciences & wildlife management supervise others by assigning/directing work; conducting employee evaluations, staff training and development, taking appropriate disciplinary/corrective actions, making hiring/termination recommendations, etc.
Duration: Permanent
Application Deadline: 7/16/12

Employer: University of Oklahoma - Norman
Location: Norman, OK
Basic Requirements: The Sutton Avian Research Center in Bartlesville, OK, (40 miles north of Tulsa) is looking for someone to assist with our flighted bird show that teaches concepts of science, art, history, literature, and other subjects in the Oklahoma Public School System and other venues. We are now looking to hire someone who will help handle, train, and maintain birds, who has an interest in teaching according to Oklahoma School Standards, and who wants to help continue to develop our education program to the highest quality. Skills in oral and written communications are essential, and web site maintenance skills are also desirable. Clean, neat appearance, speaking ability, and team working skills are important. Must be able and willing to travel on a weekly basis throughout the state of Oklahoma and elsewhere as necessary. B.S. degree is preferable, but equivalent experience and qualifications will be considered.
Duration: Permanent
Application Deadline: Open until filled

Job Title: Small Mammal Internship (UNPAID)
Employer: Finnish Forest Research Institute - METLA
Location: Suonenjoki, Finland
Basic Requirements: Be in pursuit of or have achieved a degree in Ecology, Zoology, Natural Resources, Parasitology or a similar field. Be experienced in good laboratory practice and fieldwork. Willingness to work in harsh cold conditions. Have a positive attitude and good sense of humor. Be willing to work flexible hours and travel (transport and housing will be supplied). Ability to work as a member of a team. Desirable:Have experience trapping and handling small mammals. Have wildlife dissection experience. Experience in molecular techniques. Possess a full driver’s license.
Duration: 3+ months
Application Deadline: 9/1/12

Job Title: Raptor Counter
Location: Smith Point, TX
Basic Requirements: Previous raptor counting experience a plus. Must be able to identify all species of North American raptors and endure the heat and humidity of a Texas summer on a daily basis. Must be willing and able to post near daily updates on our Smith Point Hawk Watch blog. Interest in noting significant passerine migrant movements and documenting rarities also a plus.
Duration: 3 to 5 months
Application Deadline: 8/1/12