Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eye Contact

Have you ever taken the opportunity to look a spider in the eyes? 

If the idea creeps you out, bear with me. I'm not suggesting a close encounter with a SCARY spider. Even I find it nearly impossible to appreciate a black widow or brown recluse. Call it poison prejudice. It is what it is.

However, there are certain spider species that are easier to approach, and upon closer inspection, you may even find them endearing. Honestly, I do. 

The arachnids of my affection are the jumping spiders. Often furry, ever active, and undeniably communicative, these little acrobats have a surprising inclination to bridge the language/size/leg number barrier. 

Approach a jumper, and it will likely pause, turn to face you, and, yes, make eye contact.

It's hard not to respect someone who will look you straight in the eye.

Go on, try it. You'll see ...

Photo by coniferconifer / Wikimedia