Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Endangered Whale Meat in Dog Food?

You read it right. Despite a nearly unanimous anti-whaling sentiment throughout the world, Iceland continues to kill whales commercially and export them to Japan. While human consumption is gradually falling, new markets continue to emerge--like pet food (think: endangered fin whale jerky for dogs). No kidding. Find out more here.

Rare Fish Seeks Mate

There are only three known Mangarahara cichlid fish left in the world, and they're all male. This is a big problem (worst case scenario: extinction). So, the London Zoo, which houses two of the trio, is desperately seeking a female to help carry on the species. Learn more about how you might be able to help here

ZSL London Zoo

Monday, July 29, 2013

Malasian Rainforests in Peril

The rainforests of Malaysia and Southeast Asia are thought to be the most ancient and perhaps the most diverse forests in the entire world. Like most rare gems, though, they are the object of irrepressible human greed. Land clearing for multiple industries is decimating this unique ecosystem and the many amazing creatures that inhabit it. Learn more about the threats and what you can do to help here.

Photo by Shahnoor Habib Munmun / Wikimedia Commons

Small Superstars Make a Comeback

In case, like me, you didn't know that there is a species of fox native to the wild, craggy Channel Islands of California, you'll be surprised by two aspects of this post:

1. The island fox (a cute, tiny fox that resembles the gray fox) nearly dropped from the face of the earth 13 years ago. Yet another example of a precarious link in nature, the decline of Channel Island bald eagles (due to DDT exposure) opened a door for golden eagles--and golden eagles had a penchant for foxes. 

2. In the course of a decade, these resilient little foxes have rebounded and now number close to what they did before the eagle crisis. 

Learn more about this sweet success story here

Photo by the National Park Service